Taking place in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal, HTMlles is a festival in media arts and digital culture that brings together local, national and international artists, scholars, and activists who are passionate about critical engagement with new technologies from feminist perspectives. Each edition explores urgent socio-political questions through a series of exhibitions, talks, performances and workshops.

Initiated in 1997, the festival began as an international platform for introducing women’s web art. Collaborating closely with partner organizations, The HTMlles has become a multi-site festival dedicated to the presentation of women’s, trans, and gender non-conforming artists’ independent media artworks in a transdisciplinary environment that strives for anti-oppression. To know more about past editions of HTMlles, click here.

HTMlles is produced by Ada X, a bilingual, feminist artist-run center for technological exploration, creation, and critique, founded in 1996.

Acts of movement

In this edition, we are embracing a reflection on movement, exploring its various interpretations, both simple and complex, singular and plural.

Movement embodies transformation. It encompasses physical motion – the traversal of space, the journey from one point to another – yet it also encapsulates broader societal shifts: uprisings, political mobilizations.

How do we define movement? How do movements arise and evolve? How do we navigate the world, perpetually in motion? Is there ever truly an end to our journeys? What does collective movement signify? And how does our environment shape and influence it? What role does disability play, and what are the barriers to movement?

Our events will probe these questions through multiple perspectives: accessibility, public art, protest movements, and performance, all while examining what movements means.

We will be demonstrating acts of movement through various activities. We will be demonstrating acts of movement through various activities. We’ll delve into accessibility to address barriers to movement, explore the role of movement in public spaces through art projects that examine its social and political impact, and engage with performance art to further explore movement.

Our program is filled with events that challenge and redefine conventional views of movement. Through discussions on accessibility, displays of public art, assessments of protest movements, explorations of performance art, interactions between human bodies and space, and film screenings that showcase movement in diverse contexts, we aim to deepen the understanding of movement.

Each Act of Movement is designed to challenge and expand our understanding of movement, encouraging participants to reflect on both the acts of movement they witness and those they partake in.


Marianne Desrochers General and Administrative Coordinator • Gio Olmos Associate, General Coordination Tyra Maria Trono Programming Coordinator • Chloë Lalonde Communications and Social Media Coordinator • Stéphanie Lagueux Cultural Mediation and Digital Development Coordinator • Deborah Vanslet Production Coordinator • Alexandra Dumais Translation and revision • Solène Lautridou Graphic Design • Monica Rekas Web Developer