Denise Beaudry

Denise’s background is steeped in a passion for human relationships and music. A social worker in the healthcare system, she had the opportunity to lead group workshops in musical creativity following training in the Music for People program in the United States (2008-2012). This approach aims to encourage the discovery of the artist at the heart of each individual, whether professional, amateur or with no musical knowledge at all. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in social work, a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in careerology, she is the mother of four daughters, retired and visually impaired. In musical creativity, the goal is to live in the moment by exploring the sounds of various instruments. Expressing ourselves through a language unique to each of us, our senses, breathing, relaxation, silence and listening can awaken renewed energy.

À nos prothèses is a collective project that questions relations of intimacy, conviviality, dispossession and (in)accessibility to our ‘ordinary’ prostheses. Prostheses are physical, digital, urban or sensory extensions that allow us to complete, extend and adjust our being to ourselves and our being together. Prostheses can be material (hearing aids, canes, glasses, dental prostheses, etc.), digital or urban (access ramps). This project is concerned with ordinary prostheses and claims solidary approaches in the sense of Donna Haraway (Cyborg Manifesto), Crip solidarities (Mia Mingus, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha), CRIP Art and feminist, queer, Crip and Cyborg interconnections (Alison Kafe, Mallory Kay Nelson, Ashley Shew, Bethany Stevens.).