Celia Vara

Celia Vara is a postdoctoral fellow at the Moving Image Research Lab at McGill University. She holds a Ph.D. in Communication (2019) from Concordia University. She has been a psychologist since 1997, and her master’s thesis Feminist Video Art in the 70’s in Spain won the 1st Prize-Award in Gender and Research at Jaume I University in Spain (2013). She is also a visual artist and curator. Her writings and media work have appeared in Journal feral feminisms, Institute for Research on Women (Rutgers University), McGraw Hill Editorial, Arte y Políticas de Identidad, humanities and entropy (MPDI Switzerland), et Performance Research (Routledge Journal, Taylor and Francis). She explores the use of the sensorial body in 1970s feminist performance art and its relations with corporeal agency and feminist resistance in the current cultural and political context. Her research interests include corporeal processes of consciousness, perception, and agency, and embodied research-creation methodologies.