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Charlotte Biron + Camille Lamy

Charlotte Biron has been leading literary and sound creation projects for several years. Her work has been featured in events such as Quebec in full letters, 60 Second Radio, and Art Pop Montreal. She worked in radio stations in Quebec City, Chicoutimi, Montreal, and Lausanne. She teaches literature and has a Ph.D. in literary studies from Université Laval and Université Paul-Valéry.

Camille Lamy is a visual artist from Montreal. Her artistic practice focuses on photography, printmaking, and artist books. She has participated in residencies in Iceland, Montreal, and Anticosti Island. Her work has been presented in exhibitions held in Montreal, Val-David, Toronto, Rovaniemi, and Seydisfjordur. She holds a BFA in Photography from Concordia University and she works as studio coordinator at L’inprimerie, an artist-run center.