A cull to — 

From Saturday, November 3, 1pm to Sunday, November 4, 1pm
The performance will be accessible to the public on the Saturday, November 3rd, from 1pm to 5pm, and the Sunday, November 4th, from 11am to 1pm
You can follow the progression of the performance here.

at Studio XX

Artist: Hannah Kaya

This process-based and durational piece proposes acts of (re)poesis as a strategy for self-healing. Using only the words present in two textual accounts of a traumatic incident, the artist will create a third “new” text. The artist will live and sleep with the text in the festival space in a methodical and ritualistic process of reciprocal re-making. As these two texts collide and are transformed, the artist undergoes simultaneous self-metamorphosis—marking both her psyche and her body-as-text through repetitive gesture, memetic imprint, and embodied memory. This project takes up questions of success and failure, technologies of healing and transformation, and pokes into the ocularity within call-out culture and the benefits/limitations of public-ness. The work aims to lay bare the messy work of self-refashioning, the strategies employed by survivors, and the often hidden, unglamorous work of healing.


Code : corps

Vernissage: Friday, November, 2nd, 2018
7 pm – 10 pm
Exhibition until December 2nd, 2018
At articule

The exhibition Code : Body investigates how the body is monitored, bullied and constrained, forced to stay within the limits dictated by white patriarchy. From virtual reality to digital photography, each artist counteracts these codes in order to give agency to people who are ignored, yet whose bodies remain controlled.

The process-based photo installation Untitled (Men Responding) by Lesya Nakoneczny is concerned with the objectification of women in social media and gender inequalities in the cultural industry.

Laura Acosta and Santiago Tavera present The Novels of Elsgüer (Episode 3) – Live Despecho, an immersive installation about how migrant bodies and their multiple representations yearn to belong.

Image: Laura Acosta et Santiago Tavera, The Novels of Elsgüer (Episode 3) — Live Despecho

Photo: Juan Waltero


Mi(s)(xed)communications / Mal(sous)entendus

Vernissage: Thursday, November 1st, 2018 | at 5:30 pm
Exhibition dates: November 1st – 21st, 2018
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12pm–5pm

At Studio XX (4001 Berri, 2nd floor)

The main group exhibition of this 13th edition of HTMlles, Mi(s)(xed)communications / Mal(sous)entendus, features the desire to overcome imposed personal and social constraints. In this place, the work will claim its own liberty.

Bun Shin Sa Ba | Ahreum Lee
Bun Shin Sa Ba is an interactive audio/visual installation that takes the form of a karaoke room with text generated by predictive algorithms repurposed as song lyrics.
The artwork will be presented at Xangle (4001, 1st floor) for the opening night of the HTMlles Festival.

Everything Except Yes | Amira Hanafi
Everything Except Yes is a text-based browser game that takes its player on a serpentine escapade through social pressures and language failures by asking a series of yes or no questions.

A cull to | Hannah Kaya
A cull to— is a durational, live (re)creation of a new text using only the words from two previous texts, responding to an experience of sexual violence.
****Performance from Saturday, November 3 at 1 pm to Sunday, November 4 at 1pm ****

Autoerotix | Mara Eagle
Autoerotix is a 5-channel audio installation in which digital voices recite lyrics from eight pop songs about female masturbation.

This Could Be You | Zeesy Powers
In This Could Be You, the viewer is trapped in a virtual body in a virtual world, faced with permanent mortality, drowning in the garbage of the digital age.

Testimony | Zohar Kfir
Testimony is an interactive VR documentary that shares the stories of five survivors of sexual assault and their journey to healing.

Image: Zohar Kfir, Testimony


Things Rarely Turn Out the Way I Intend Them To or, The Internet Will Never Catch On

Thursday, November 1st
4 pm – 5:30 pm (doors open at 3:30 pm)
At OBORO (4001 Berri, 2nd floor)

Twenty-one years after participating in the first HTMlles Festival, J. R. Carpenter returns with the performance/lecture Things Rarely Turn Out the Way I Intend Them To.

Social media has exponentially expanded the audience for web-based art and writing, but the hashtag operates largely within proprietary zones of the internet governed by neoliberal corporations. What does it mean to write into spaces we don’t own? When does success constitute a failure? Will the new ever get old?
Things Rarely Turn Out the Way I Intend Them To reflects with humour on failures and becomings engendered by women web artists and writers over the past quarter of a century or so. It prompts us to think about how far we’ve come, to figure out how far we have yet to go.

Image : courtesy of the artist.



Off-Script: Technologies and Tactics of Feminist Errancy

Sunday November 4th and Monday November, 5th
8:30 pm – 7 pm
At the Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies (IGSF)

“Off-Script: Technologies and Tactics of Feminist Errancy ” is a two-day conference Nov. 4-6 featuring emerging and established scholars as well as leading artists in the fields of gender, sexuality and feminist approaches to networks of community, digital technologies and social inclusion and exclusion.Everywhere we turn, feminist activism is targeting bad behaviour and creating new networks of community through digital technology and through navigating the expanded fields of social media, the 24 news cycle and the potential of new networks of action. Campaigns and hashtags such as #MeToo, #TimesUp, #SayHerName and #NiUnaMenos, campus protests, live feeds, sousveillance, and spreadsheets of predators have demonstrated the power of technology to boosts the signals of whisper networks of support, knowledge exchange, and warnings into new spheres. In the lead up to that conference, we will be sharing perspectives and responses to the current events responding to demands for respect, autonomy, acknowledgement and change. This week, Professor Natalie Oswin looks at the recent testimony and treatment of Christine Blasey Ford to consider “how we might learn from this event as we go about our everyday work within the academy. The academy is a vital site for social justice work in these deeply troubling times, and we must strive to make it a place where we can do justice for and with survivors of sexual assault and other forms of assault and aggression, like Dr. Ford, Dr. Anita Hill, and countless others.”

Full programming: offscriptmtl.wordpress.com



Virtual Reality with Zeesy Powers

Workshop for families
Sunday, November 4th, 2018
1 pm – 4 pm
At Studio XX (4001 Berri, 2nd floor)

The workshop is directed to children, accompanied by a parent or adult.

In the context of the exhibition Mi(s)(xed)communications / Mal(sous)entendus at Studio XX, the artist Zeesy Powers proposes a workshop for families exploring some aspects of her work This Could Be You. Starting from drawings and 3D captations, participants will be able to create a collage in a VR environment.

Free workshop | To register, send name and age of participants at mediation[at]studioxx[dot]org

Image : Zeesy Powers, This Could Be You.


Love Songs to Failure

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018
7 pm – 8 pm
At Studio 303

Artist: Nina Vroemen + Alejandro Sajgalik

“Let’s just be friends” is typically the chorus of failed love. But for Sajgalik and Vroemen, this statement is the source! They are redefining the love song as something that doesn’t limit itself to normative romance, allowing it to become an ode to failure. Unlike romantic relationships, friendship thrives with autonomy and creating space. Like unproductive infrastructure, the place that friendship inhabits is open-ended, undefined with potential. For the performance, recorded memories are remixed with projections, movement, and live musical improvisation.The work aims to create love songs that celebrate friendship as a radical alliance. Opening up the imagination to what becomes possible when romance loses its hegemony.

Image: courtesy of the artists.


Longterm Longtable

Public discussion/performance/dinner party
Saturday, November 3rd and Sunday, November 4th, 2018
4 pm – 6 pm
At Feminist Media Studio

Artist: A.A.S.K Montreal

Longterm Longtable is a community discussion series centered around three topics: accessibility, accountability, and call-out culture. The main framework of the longtable is a public discussion/performance/dinner party. Conceived by artist Lois Weaver, there are two main rules: those seated at the table are speakers, and those not seated are listeners. Speakers eventually take their leave, allowing listeners to join the table. This will be elaborated upon by adding video chat participation, and, following the festival, formatting transcriptions into a digital publication to ensure discussions are not lost in collective memory. Going beyond the hashtag, both the format and content (suggested questions and invited guests) will set the table to explore the success of #MeToo in activating social change and its failure to adequately account for race, class, ability, and gender diversity in enabling survivors to demand accountability from communities in which they participate.

The event location can be reached via public transportation with the 51 bus from Snowdon Metro or the 105 bus from Vendome Metro.
To facilitate access, Concordia University will also provide free shuttle bus service on both days between downtown and this event on the Loyola Campus:
Downtown to Loyola: departing at 3:30 pm from Hall Building, 1455 De Maisonneuve West.
Loyola to downtown: departing at 6:30 pm from Loyola Chapel, 7137 Sherbrooke West.
If you need special assistance with transportation or childcare, please contact aask.montreal.info@gmail.com.
The event location in the CJ Building is wheelchair accessible.

For more information:


Collaboration and Resistance: Towards a Network of Feminist Festivals in Media Arts

Discussion with NOVA XX (Bruxelles), Refresh (New York) and Studio XX / HTMlles (Montréal)
Saturday, November 3rd, 2018
1 pm – 2:30 pm
At OBORO (4001 Berri, 2nd floor)

Over the past two years, two new feminist media arts festivals have emerged. Studio XX celebrates this by inviting curators Lola Martinez (Refresh, New York) and Stéphanie Pécourt (Nova XX, Brussels) to present their initiatives. Julie Alary Lavallée, general coordinator of Studio XX and HTMlles Festival, will engage in a discussion with them about various issues related to the specific mandates of the three festivals. Motivated by a common desire for collaboration and resistance, they will discuss, among others, the following question: how to set up a critical and collaborative network for a better representation of feminist communities in the media arts industries?


Encrypt your Nudes

Free workshop
Friday, November 2nd, 2018
5:30 pm – 7 pm
At La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse

Artist: Liane Décary-Chen

The web offers a unique environment for queers, women, and marginalized people to grow and create communities. But these spaces often find themselves under attack from conservative and hateful groups. The purpose of this workshop is to help members of marginalized communities develop self-defense tools to improve their own safety and privacy on the web. This endeavour aims to reclaim agency over those spaces, lives, and communities both online and offline. The workshop will cover basic low-tech security techniques related to one’s online presence as well as techniques to counteract cyber harassment and online attacks (legal recourse, damage-control, self-care). This introductory workshop will not cover deeper cybersecurity concerns such as government surveillance and the gathering of information by corporate entities. This workshop is based on the collective Tech Witches’ zine Encrypt Your Nudes!.


Black Room

Vernissage: Friday, November 2nd, 2018
4 pm – 5:30 pm
Exhibition until November, 11th, 2018
At Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG)

Artist: Cassie McQuarter

In Black Room, you play as an insomniac on the verge of sleep, moving through shifting states of consciousness. Hallucinatory, pixelated visions of landscapes filled with characters from the games of your childhood appear as you click through fragile internet spaces. Often interrupted, you continually return to the Black Room, a meditation technique your mother taught you for falling asleep, visualizing black flowers in a black vase on a black table in the center of a black room. Conceived as a feminist dungeon crawler, this game features a majority female cast of video game sprites from the 1970s-current day. This work seeks to bring these characters together to form new narratives: Chun Li reposes in a desert oasis filled with flamingos; Catwoman cartwheels across the nighttime beaches of Coney Island; Jennifer Simpson, the lead character from Clock Tower, runs endlessly through the brightly pixelated fantasy landscapes of the Oregon Trail.

Image : Cassie McQuater, Black Room


Behind the doors

Thursday, November 1st, 2018
Screening at 7 pm
Performance at 8 pm
At Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV) – 4001 Berri, 1st floor
Curator: Annaëlle Winand

What happens behind closed doors—figurative, fictional, imaginary, or real. So many private gestures transform into meaningful movements. This video series plays with intimacy by reclaiming words and body, habits and the everyday. Domestic spaces become performative, go beyond their own limitations.

The screening will be followed by a performance by Les666 and Matt Miwa.

Video program:

The Key of F. | Andrea Cooper
The Key of F. is a video performance of the artist speaking/performing sexually aggressive texts that were sent to Cooper from random men on Tinder.

Faking vulnerability, employing beauty stereotypes, and taking over gendered space, CUNTSTRUCTION juxtaposes the bare “sexy” female form with a rugged construction site.

I had to trust my fall | Rojin Shafiei
I had to trust my fall is a video/performance/drawing about self-trust, letting go and the subversion of success.

#incestement/incestiously | kimura byol-nathalie lemoine
#incestement/incestiously is a tryptic video on incest.

Welcome to my home | Sarah Beckwith
Welcome to my home is the documentation of the life of a mentally ill telenovela actress struggling to stabilize while clinging to the remnants of stardom.

It’s pink and nice but not really! | Taylor Yocom
It’s pink and nice but not really! uses a hyper-feminine visual language to create quiet moments of frustration in response to harassment and the expectation of female niceness.

Creatura Dada | Caroline Monnet
Six powerful native women gather up to celebrate a new beginning and the end of the world as we know it.


  1. Andrea Cooper, The Key of F. | Video: Carl Hansen
  2. Sarah Beckwith, Welcome to my home
  3. Taylor Yocom, It’s pink and nice but not really!
  5. Rojin Shafiei, I had to trust my fall
  6. kimura byol-nathalie lemoine, #incestement/incestiously


Bun Shin Sa Ba

Interactive karaoke installation
Thursday, November 1st, 2018
Starting at 8 pm
At Xangle (4001 Berri, 1st floor)

Artist: Ahreum Lee

Bun Shin Sa Ba is an interactive audio/visual installation that takes the form of a karaoke performance. The audience is asked to sing along to the melody of the popular song “My Heart Will Go On” with new lyrics generated by predictive auto-typing applications. By singing these words, we fill the public space with sound provided by data collected from private conversations. Predictive algorithms collect this data and suggest the most commonly used word combinations across a large network of users. The piece asks the audience to speak aloud the words which reveal patriarchal hierarchies embedded in the algorithms. The title of the piece refers to a mantra chanted during a traditional Korean shamanistic ritual. In Western culture, it could be compared to a seance. The video accompanying the karaoke combines imagery from this ritual with images of a typical type of female ghost found across East Asian folklore.  

Image: Ahreum Lee, Bun Shin Sa Ba


She Is

At Feminist Media Studio: November 1st, 2018 to January, 31st
Online at feministmediastudio.ca: November 1st, 2018 to December, 31st

Artist: Angeline Meitzler

She is is a visual art piece that resides on the web. It is a steady stream of thoughts and comments rearranging in new compositions. The content was created using the first 100 tweets that contained the hashtag #azizansari shortly after the article about the actor/comedian Aziz Ansari and his encounter with a woman named “Grace” was published by Babe.net. The batch of tweets are randomly recontextualized every five seconds and are exposed anonymously. As the selected tweets interact on the browser, they begin to create a conversation amongst themselves as we read the opinions of others.

Image: Angeline Meitzler, She is