Queer(ing) Cyberfeminism

Queer(ing) Cyberfeminism

Jess Dorrance (Montréal), Jessica MacCormack (Montréal), Coral Short (Montréal), Christina Goestl (Vienne), Jessie Daniels (New York) and Madelyne Beckles (Montréal)


Studio XX (4001, Berri (201). Metro: Mont-Royal / Sherbrooke)

Free entrance

Wired Women S@lon #104 - The HTMlles 11 Special
Wednesday, November 12, 5–7 PM

Language: English with whispered translation to French

The term cyberfeminism was coined in 1990 to describe an array of feminist web-based practices and theories. Ever since, the concept has been both wildly productive, and hotly contested. How have cyberfeminist strategies evolved? How are artists and activists queering cyberfeminism today? This discussion examines the politics of cyberfeminism, creating a cross-generational dialogue about Internet art and activism.
The program is co-organized in collaboration with Prof. Carrie Rentschler (McGill University) with funding from the Fonds de Recherche du Québec - Societé et Culture (FRQSC).