Sonia Paço-Rocchia (St-Joseph-du-Lac) and Véronique Binst (Bruxelles)


OBORO (4001, Berri . Metro: Mont-Royal / Sherbrooke)

Free entrance

Friday, November 14, 7 PM

They are watching you. The web is spun, the data are filtered; limited access. Two women hackers, hacktivists, and their avatars. They are members of an underground militia. Everything must be encrypted: ideas, images, sounds. Impossible to encrypt every single bit. 0110010101110101 must be musically encrypted. But that’s not enough. We must use multiple encryptions. We must materialize them by spherification, to be able to spread the message, to carry it, to share it. Everyone must ingest it: zero freedom is not an alternative.

Piece developed and premiered in a residency at La Fabrique de Théâtre, Framerie, Belgium.

Photo © Alessia Contu

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