Redshift and Portalmetal: Femme Science Findings

Redshift and Portalmetal: Femme Science Findings

micha cárdenas (Toronto)


Studio XX (4001, Berri (201). Metro: Mont-Royal / Sherbrooke)

Free entrance

Saturday November 8, at 9 PM

Redshift and Portalmetal asks: as climate change forces us to travel to the stars and build new homes and families, how do we build on this land, where we are settlers, while working to undo colonization? The story uses space travel as a lens through which to understand the artist’s experience of being a trans femme of color moving to Toronto. Redshift and Portalmetal points to possibilities of post-digital, post-media, and decolonial approaches to communication.
See also: workshop by micha cárdenas on Tuesday, November 11, 5 - 7 PM, at Feminist Media Studio.