Maid in Cyberspace REVISITED

Maid in Cyberspace REVISITED

Gaby Cepeda (Lima), Émilie Gervais (Marseille), Faith Holland (New York), Jessica MacCormack (Montréal) and shawné michaelain holloway (Chicago / Paris)


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ZÉR0 FUTUR{E} Online Exhibition
November 8 - December 31
Opening: Saturday, November 8, 7 PM

The HTMlles invited five contemporary web artists to present online works that pay tribute to women web artists of the 1990s. As net art proliferated with the ubiquity of social media, The HTMlles 11’s online exhibition creates a bridge between current practices and its roots as a web art festival, and explores the creation of subjectivity through net art. While some of the works contain formal references to #zerofuture, others find thematic connections, or pay homage to existing works. Make sure to unblock your pop-up blocker!

See also: Queer(ing) Cyberfeminism (roundtable discussion), November 12, 5–7 PM, at Studio XX.