Émilie Gervais

Émilie Gervais (Marseille)

I'm the girl next door with a smiley tattoo working with the internet. I woke up early today. Probably too early, but everything about my work that was social media-related is over since June 2013. I <3 art & the internet & your mom & kebabs & dance parties =D If I had more money, I would probably make more physical art objects. My favorite food is Jamaican. I just keep falling in love.

Event-s + project-s:

Festival Opening Party /Open House

Maid in Cyberspace REVISITED

Liv?ng Bull$hit Detect?r (f0rm3r 21s† AND †H3 oNLY R34L N3T 4RT t1m3 b4s3d b1†ch