Frances Adair McKenzie + Amy Chartrand

Frances Adair McKenzie + Amy Chartrand (Montreal)

Frances Adair Mckenzie is a New Media artist working and living in Montreal, she was born ‘n raised in 100 Mile House, a small town in the interior of British Columbia. Her practice mixes everything from stop-motion, mask-making, illustration and projection; she tries to create unique and challenging experiences for the viewer. She is also the co-creator of a digital baroque opera entitled Party Like It’s 1699, which revisits baroque aesthetics through a post-modern lens.

Amy Chartrand creates and collaborates on works that reveal untapped connections in society. She is co-founder of Scientists for Love, creators of Speed-dating for the Senses (and the Sensitive). She also co-created Child Psychologist, presented at Summerworks 2014.

Event-s + project-s:

Quartier 20.14