by/par Margaret Dragu + Pam Hall

installation : mer, 17 nov / wed nov 17th, 16h
artist talk : mer 17 nov / wed nov 17th, 20 pm
hall, 2e étage / 2nd floor

MARGINALIA is a creative collaboration and conversation between Margaret Dragu of Finn Slough, British Columbia and Pam Hall, of St. John’s, Newfoundland. From the extreme west/east coasts of Canada; facing different oceans; practicing different disciplines, yet sharing a history of art-making around issues of communities, fishing, and politics- they have pursued this creative exchange since 2004.

An almost daily correspondence project which crosses the boundaries of geographies, histories, disciplines, and forms, MARGINALIA explores daily life, community, “home- making”, politics, female & domestic labour, aging, sexuality, and notions of “intentional relation” enabled by cyber-culture and challenged by distance. In various forms and iterations MARGINALIA has been shared with public audiences in Vancouver (grunt gallery, 2005), in Richmond, B.C.(Richmond Art Gallery, 2008), and in Sackville, NB.(Struts gallery, 2008).

Marginalia is about creating discourse: both between the two artists who have undertaken this committed correspondence, and between audiences who experience the work- either virtually, or materially. Our process engages new technologies and old manual practices to explore the ground between art and life, between one coast and another, between two strangers deciding to “make a relationship”. We are, like most Canadians, exploring how it might be possible to forge deep connection, mutual understanding, and complicity across great distance.

Aktion 1 was described by an audience member as a “post- information performance”. We are committed to expanding and deepening the notions surrounding “information technologies”, whether they are enabled by video/television, email, social networking or other digital or electronic means. Perhaps these technologies exchange more than information. Our continuing collaboration/correspondence maps terrain of embodied distance and disembodied intimacy, and, when we perform together, these notions collapse for a moment, in real time and real space. The “distance” becomes the foundation upon which the intimacy is built. In its way, Marginalia is as much about the construction of relation, of complicity, of affection, as it is about the challenge of the margins.

“This conversation across space and time speaks to the major concerns of current cultural practices by two senior Canadian artists on separate coasts. It is our fortune to be able to listen in.” Glenn Alteen, “Marginalia:Origins” in Marginalia-Getting Out of the House , Richmond, B.C. RAG, 2009

“Both remarkably intimate and generously playful, MARGINALIA: Getting Out of the House challenges the power dynamics/determinations of subjectivity that perpetuate existing societal orders. The work’s makers, and everyone else who engages with it, are empowered by a joyful struggle for self-definition through the recognition and affirmation of others – a working model for a kind of autonomy of expression in everyday life.” Jeremy Todd, “What does it Mean to Get Out of the House?” in Marginalia-Getting Out of the House , Richmond, B.C. RAG, 2009


MARGINALIA est une conversation et une collaboration créative entre Margaret Dragu de Finn Slough, British Columbia et Pam Hall, de St. John’s, Newfoundland. Depuis l’extrême ouest et l’extrême est du Canada; faisant face à différents océans; pratiquant différentes disciplines, mais partageant finalement une histoire de pratique artistique développée autour des questions de communautés, de pêche et de politique – elles ont poursuivi leur échange créatif depuis 2004.

Projet de correspondances presque journalières franchissant les frontières des géographies, des histoires, des disciplines et des formes, MARGINALIA explore la vie quotidienne, la communauté, le “fait-maison”, la politique, le travail féminin et à domicile, le vieillissement, la sexualité, et les notions de “relation intentionelle” rendue possible par la culture Internet et mise à l’épreuve par la distance. De formes multiples et d’itérations, MARGINALIA a été partagée par les publics de Vancouver (Grunt gallery, 2005), de Richmond, B.C.(Richmond Art Gallery, 2008), et de Sackville, NB.(Struts gallery, 2008).

Marginalia traite de la création du discours: à la fois entre les artistes qui ont entrepris cette correspondance dévouée, ainsi qu’entre les publics qui ont expérimenté cette création – que ce soit virtuellement, ou matériellement. Notre processus engage de nouvelles technologies et de vieux manuels d’exercices afin d’explorer la zone entre l’art et la vie, entre une côte et une autre, entre deux étrangères décidant de “créer un lien”. Nous explorons, comme la plupart des canadiens, comment il est possible de construire une vraie relation, une compréhension mutuelle, et une complicité malgré la grande distance.

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