Leslie Peters, Dara Gellman, 2006, 12:30, sans dialogues
Distribution: Vtape

Dans IMPOSSIBLE LANDSCAPES, Leslie Peters et Dara Gellman parviennent à développer et maintenir une voluptueuse impression de torpeur. Une oeuvre tout en suspens dépourvue d’êtres vivants. Des paysages offerts dont certains ont directement été tirés de l’imaginaire fantasque de films d’horreur.


Leslie Peters and Dara Gellman develop and maintain an impression of rapturous dread with IMPOSSIBLE LANDSCAPES. This work offers suspense devoid of living beings. Some of the landscapes on offer are culled from horror films.  In the act of ‘lifting’ footage, perhaps the original ambience was also lifted?

Leslie Peters

Toronto based artist Leslie Peters has been actively working in video, multi-channel installation, curating exhibitions and coordinating cultural events since completing her studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1997. Leslie is a founding member of the curatorial collective VVV.

Dara Gellman

Born in Sydney, Australia, Dara Gellman is now based in Toronto and works as a video artist, curator, writer and cultural organizer. Dara is a founding member of the curatorial organization VVV, which is one of the co-founders of the Tranz Tech Toronto International Media Art Biennial.

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