HTMlles 2010 Splash
Emergence : Screen-Destined Media Artworks Competition

Emergence is a curated screening of inceptive screen-based Canadian/Quebecois artworks directed by women. Canada-based artists are invited to submit their first screen-based artwork to be screened and to compete for the HTMlles 2010 Festival of Media Art + Digital Culture’s Emerging Artist Award.

Entries to the public call for submissions must be under 9 minutes in length and may consist of time-based screenable media including video art, experimental short film, animation, video performance, mixed media, etc.

Submissions must be an artist’s first independent work in the medium, whether the last work made in art or film school, the first work produced outside of the institution, or the first publically screened artwork.

Each artist may submit a maximum of one entry. All submitted works must have been created after January 2008.


Curator Annie Briard will distill an initial selection of works from submissions, to be followed by a screening for jury members comprised of artists, curators and producers.

The ten (10) semifinalist works will be selected and screened at HTMlles, competing for the audience’s vote, determining the winning work. The semi-finalist works will also be featured on the HTMlles website for additional public votes.

The winning artwork will be announced and presented at HTMlles’s closing Gala where the Artist will be publically awarded her/his prize.

Prize: $500.00 + a Studio XX membership

Deadline: All submissions must be received by September 13, 2010, by 9:00 PM.

Submission guidelines

+ Submissions may be sent as a ready-to-play DVD. The artist assumes responsibility for the DVD playing properly, as a malfunctioning submission will be disqualified.
+ Resolution and size should reflect the artist’s intent for audience viewing.
+ The DVD must be marked with the artist’s full name, email address, phone number and website (if available).
+ The submission package should also include an artist CV containing contact info, as well as a brief artist statement.
+ Should a work be selected as a semifinalist, the artist must be prepared to subsequently submit a video file via DVD or download link, as well as a short biography, within a precise timeline to secure their position in the competition.

Submissions must be sent to the following address by September 13, 2010, by 9:00 PM :

Annie Briard, Curator
HTMlles 2010 - Emergence Competition
4001 Berri St., Suite 201
Montréal (QC)
H2L 4H2


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