SIMONE VIGER’s experiences in video production and media education are fueled by her enthusiasm for well-designed community media.  With strong communication skills, she has created resource material for organizations such as STELLA, Concordia University’s Part-Time Teachers Union and Working TV as well as public relations material for Canadian businesses such as Beaver Tails, Inc. and Moozoo Juice.  She has been hired has a media instructor by The Y’s of Quebec, The Segal Center of Performing Arts and Concordia University. She has experience producing, directing and editing documentaries supported by the National Film Board of Canada, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Brooklyn Public Television. She completed her degree in Communication Studies with a Specialization in Video Production from Concordia University in 2009.

MELANIE GODOY is a visual media artist living in Montreal, Canada pursuing a career as a videographer. Her studies are currently being completed at Concordia University, helping her strive towards finding new visual forms of experimentation. Her works have been funded through the National Film Board of Canada, will be exhibited through Maysles Cinema in New York City and publicly broadcast through the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. She is a passionate emerging artist looking for new visual techniques for self-expression and empowerment.

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