Mél Hogan – Art Director & Publisher

Mél Hogan is currently completing her research creation doctorate in Communication Studies at Concordia University in Montréal, Canada. Her research <http://wayward.ca/> documents defunct, stalled, and crashed online video art repositories within a Canadian cultural context. Hogan is part two of two of the BRUCE video art duo, and a media activist; she is the founder of nomorepotlucks.org and sound technician and co-host for radio show Dykes on Mykes.

M-C MacPhee – Editor & Content Curator

Marie-Claire MacPhee is a Concordia University graduate who made the obvious transition from women’s studies to carpentry. When she’s not learning about sustainable building, she is a freelance researcher and communications coordinator for various NGOs and consulting groups. M-C is the programmer for Dykes on Mykes Radio in Montreal and is an East Coaster who now floats between Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

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