Daytime Engagements and Demonstrations

17 October at Galerie Yergeau

3pm Public Art Lab introduces Mobicases
3:30pm Kayle Brandon introduces BorderXing
4pm Ayesha Hameed Nataša Teofilović Artist Talks
5pm Avatar Body Collision premieres DTN3:[Be] Longing
5:30pm xxxboîte DVD Launch
6pm DJ Cyan

18, 19, 20 October 5pm-7pm Happy Hour everyday in the Cafe at Monument National
Drop in and mingle with festival artists, explore the online installations
and watch Public Art Lab's Mobicases project in-progress.

18 October at Monument National Cafe

1:15pm Myléna Bergeron and Caroline Hayeur Artist Talk
2pm Kayle Brandon and Heath Bunting BorderXing Intervention & Tour Meet-Up
2pm Rachel Echenberg Artist Talk
2:45pm Irene Loughlin Artist Talk
3:30pm Alejandra Maria Perez Nunez Artist Talk
4:15pm Analog Tara Artist Talk

19 October at Monument National Cafe

1:15pm Darsha Hewitt and Bethany Or Artist Talk
2pm Mushon Zer-Aviv and Dan Phiffer Artist Talk and Demonstration
2:45pm Tegan Forbes Artist Talk and Presentation
3:30pm NOMAD Premiere screening!
4:15pm Public Domain of Contemporary Art Artist Talk and Presentation

20 October at Monument National Cafe

1:15pm Antje Greie aka AGF Artist Talk
2pm Darsha Hewitt Tin Can Telecom Intervention Performance Meet-Up
2pm Kayle Brandon presents the project BorderXing
3pm Women With Kitchen Appliances Artist Talk
4pm Grrrl-Talk; An Industry Mixer provides an opportunity to 'talk shop' and explore
the issues that matter to you. All Welcome.

21 October at Galerie Yergeau

HTMlles hosts a private brunch to thank this year's artists for sharing their work,
expertise, and time. The event also serves as a farewell send-off for international
artists and offers a last chance opportunity for partners, sponsors, presenters,
curators, and other art experts to make their acquaintance. Attendance to the
brunch is by invite only, and will conclude the Eighth Edition Festival in Montreal.

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