HTMlles8 Artists

HTMlles 8 : crowd control

The festival's eighth edition investigates social, political, territorial, personal, and conceptual mobility. Occurrences and exclusions, detours and thorough-fares, in as much as parameters
and expansions define the movement of ideas and people.

This year's artists explore this theme in the context of the body, the environment, urban and cultural landscapes, social-political ecologies and barriers, as well as measures and tools of both control and renewed autonomy in an increasingly advanced technological world. Festival artists impart their works and their skills through artists' talks, casual salons, and technical workshops. Installations, exhibits and live performances will be presented at a variety of venues throughout.

This year, HTMlles is pleased to contribute to celebrations surrounding the 10th Anniversary of Studio XX !

Alejandra Maria Perez Nunez* (Chile)
Analog Tara* (USA)
Andrea-Jane Cornell* (Canada)
Antye Greie* a.k.a. AGF (Germany)
Avatar Body Collision: Helen Varley Jamieson, Karla Ptacek, Leena Saarinen, Vicki Smith
(Australia/New Zealand/Finland/United Kingdom)
Ayesha Hameed* (Canada)
Darsha Hewitt* & Bethany Or* (Canada)
Corina MacDonald* a.k.a. DJ Cyan (Canada)
Freida Abtan* (USA)
Funda Senova of NOMAD (Turkey)
Irene Loughlin* (Canada)
Kayle Brandon* & Heath Bunting (United Kingdom)
Mushon Zer-Aviv* & Dan Phiffer* (Israel/USA)
Myléna Bergeron* & Caroline Hayeur* (Canada)
Nataša Teofilović* (Serbia)
Public Art Lab: Susa Pop, Ela Kagel*, Hans Weigner, David Farine*, Stéphanie Boisset*
(Germany, France, Switzerland)
Rachel Echenberg* (Canada)
Tagny Duff & David Jhave Johnston* (United Kingdom/Canada)
Tegan Forbes* (Canada)
Women With Kitchen Appliances* (Canada)
Groupe Studio XX* (Canada)

*These artists will be in attendance.

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