Kayle Brandon and Heath Bunting

Kayle Brandon Heath BuntingKayle Brandon and Heath Bunting formed a collaborative duo in 2001. They have been pursuing experiences that embody interests in adventure, survival, play and self guided exploration. Out of their direct action experiences, the Duo often creates participatory events, slideshows, posters, and publications serving as functional guides to aid others in their doings. Both are members of the international collective irrational.org and as ‘Irationalists’, create work that pushes the boundaries between the realms of business, art and sciences.


>Kayle Brandon introduces the project.
Opening Event 17 October, 3:30pm @ Yergeau Gallery

>Public Intervention Tour & Workshop led by Kayle Brandon (outdoors)
To participate in the intervention, meet at 2pm, 18 October @ Monument National
+ bring gardening tools and your walking shoes!

Kayle Brandon Presents BorderXing
>Artist Talk and Presentation 20 October, 2pm @ Monument National

Kayle Brandon and Heath Bunting’s approach to research and making work is often very hands on: they like non-exclusive relations and real time experiences. They often use street activity techniques, and easily accessible tools aid them in their work and help convey the message. Often they go into things with a beginner’s innocence, unschooled in the codes of practice that may encircle their field of interest. Hence a process of self-learning runs parallel to the process of developing work. This approach enables a sense of meaningful travel and personal development.
As the work develops, so does an understanding of the world it inhabits.

Currently, the Duo is collaborating on a project called Avon Canoe Pilot, an exploration of a stretch of a local river that is little used by common folk. The duo have been inducing activity in and around the river, creating journey plans for canoe trips, increasing its access and devising
experimental techniques that increase water knowledge and contact. The outcome of this project will be in the form of a public guide.

The Duo often works for the fulfillment of a desire to increase wild states and states of wildness.

Co-Presented with Festival Partner Artivistic.