Funda Senova of NOMAD

Funda Senova is an interactive designer based in Ankara, Turkey. Holding a BA and an MFA in Graphic Design, as well as an MA in Computer Animation, she is currently developing her PhD thesis on digital visual language and its effects on technophobia. She also teaches at Bilkent University in Ankara. Funda is a contributing member of NOMAD, a collaborative production network that aims to build strong connections across territorial borders through projects oriented towards digital culture.

> Online Exhibit & Live Stream Artist Talk
Friday 19 October, 15:30 @ Monument National

The project series under.ctrl intends to define “the interfaces of control mechanisms” which
systematically compose our lives. Interfaces themselves have become the locus of control by
being more effective than their underlying mechanisms, yet more invisible and subtle. They
operate in various layers of our daily perception and realization through the re-designing of life
styles; procedures of auto-control; re-perception of histories; generating modes for social
psychology; constructing communication channels; and particularly through technological

The significant influence of these interfaces, along with the direction and intensity of implicit
and explicit acceptance and rejection modes, are being detected and questioned through
subversive activities and are being reacted to in different forms of artistic expressions.

The project follows an empirical method through various researches carried out by different
artistic practices. The researches focus on various kinds of interfaces of control mechanisms
operating in the social, political, economic, cultural, geo-political, and psychological layers of
our daily lives. In the same line of thought, this project is also an attempt to detect tactics
and rejection mechanisms along with the “off the record” strategies against the pressures and
conditions of these mechanisms.