Darsha Hewitt and Bethany Or

Darsha Hewitt is an artist from Ottawa currently based in Montreal. She often collaborates with other artists and engineers, and works with hacked electronics, Open-Source programming software/hardware, ageing technology and public vicinities. Her artwork looks at the role of automation in everyday life and how technology-reliant society silences and reinterprets identity. Darsha is an active member of the PureData software community and was the coordinator of the 2nd International PureData Convention in Montreal. She teaches workshops on versatile electronics and mentors artists in experimental electronic media.

Bethany Or has made a vocation out of contemplating migrations. Her current work focuses on making radio programs for immigrants with Radio Canada International. She is particularly interested in the use of shortwave radio in the developing world, and the vast distances that shortwaves travel before they reach their intended audience. She also works with the opera collective Liederwolfe as an accordionist and poster designer.

Tin Can Telecom & Collaborative Works
> Artist Talk and Presentation
Darsha Hewitt and Bethany Or
1:15pm, Friday 19 October @ National Monument Café

Tin Can Telecom: A Protable Wifi Broadcasting Unit for Better Posture
> Public Intervention / Performance
2pm, Saturday 20 October - Meet Darsha Hewitt in the Lobby @ Monument National

Darsha Hewitt's Tin Can Telecom is a web art project that makes use of wireless
Internet frequencies (WiFi) and a modified Cantenna. The artwork acts as portable
public announcement system that makes silent announcements to individuals seeking
open wireless networks. Tin Can Telecom consists of a wireless web server that
emits a wireless Internet access point open to the public. When someone chooses to
connect to the Internet using the Tin Can Telecom network, they are automatically
directed to a website that hosts a public service announcement devised by the artist.


Tin Can Telecom