Antye Greie a.k.a. AGF


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agf: antye greieAntye Greie a.k.a. AGF calls herself e-poetess or powerful poem producer for lack of a better description. Born in East Germany, she has been permanently based in Berlin since 1996, where she works as a vocalist, musician, producer and artist. Recently she has been exploring the use of speech and spoken word in electronic music, sound installations, pop songs and calligraphy, as well as in the World Wide Web.

> Artist Talk
13:15h, 20 October @ Monument National

Poem Producer
> Electronic Music Performance
Presented at the Closing Event 23h, 20 October @ Metropolis's The Savoy

AGF’s poetry and musically-based work mutated into an artistic exploration of technology and expression on her first solo release Head Slash Bauch in which she translated fragments of HTML script and software manuals into a choppy deconstructed pop format. She works with language outside of her native German tongue with abstract vocal content to explore new relationships between language and song.

In all her works, AGF exploits the editing process to weave together an intricate and compelling narrative about her life and her relationship with the world around her, a fabric of connections, coincidence, and collaboration.