Tara Rodgers a.k.a. Analog Tara

Tara Rodgers is a musician and writer based in Montreal. She has released electronic music on compilations including Source Records/Germany and the Le Tigre Remix, and has shown sound and video art internationally. She holds an MFA in Electronic Music from Mills College in Oakland. Tara also founded the website Pinknoises.com and is editing a related anthology of interviews with women who are DJs and sound artists.


> Artist Talk
4:15pm, 18 October @ the Monument National

Analog Tara
> Live Electronic Music Performance
At the Closing Party 20 october, 8:30pm @ the Savoy at Metropolis

Analog Tara began electronic music production after her coming of age in 1990s dance clubs, learning to program analog synth in a funk band that did Chaka Khan and Stevie Wonder covers, and performing jazz piano for several years in NYC. Her background in funk and soul comes through in her recordings and live sets of tech-house.

Analog Tara