Alejandra Maria Perez Nunez

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AlejandraAlejandra Perez Nunez a.k.a. elpueblodechina is a Chilean sound artist and performer. She works with open source tools, electronics and text, while developing her own expressive instruments. Currently based in Europe, she has taken part in interdisciplinary collaborative projects dealing with psychogeography and social science fiction in Barcelona, and has created musical performances with France-based Spectral Investigations Collective. Alejandra is also a sound partner of d.R.e.g.S., bureau d'études, SIC and the Moscou Laptop Orchestra. She enjoys teaching through DIY workshops and is determined to find new ways to make her practice socially and historically conscious.

> Artist Talk
18 October - 3:30pm @ Monument National

PN Power Noise
> Live Sound Performance presented by HTMlles & La Centrale
19 October - 7pm @ La Centrale

Pueblo was born a noiser in Chile and through her serpentine trajectory she is experimenting with sound, electronics, gesture, text, trying ways to make her practice conscious
of society and history. Circulation within mediascapes is controlled by various agendas that have
an effect on the legitimization of cultural content. The politics of circulation brings into view the
cybernetics of media. Some subjects are visible and some are not in the spaces where overt
collisions against subjectivities are being performed by market-driven logics. Continuous
ramps of information perform circuits and patterns. Subjectivity is shaped over media assembly
lines. I propose to look into the relevance of designing interventions as performances against
the homogeneity of mediascapes. noise/ retransmission / cut-up /overflow / persistent use of
discontinuity / silence / recursion / recycling.

StudioXX Presents: Electronics Crash Course: a DIY resistance 1. Noise Generators
Saturday and Sunday, October 6 + 7, 10am to 5pm
Objective: Creation of a noise generator and crackle box powered by small solar pannels.
Cost: $50
Venue: Studio XX - 4001 Berri #201, Montreal
Information/Registration: 514.845.0289,

La Centrale Presents: Electronics Crash Course: a DIY resistance 2. Radio
Friday and Saturday, October 19 + 20, 12pm to 4pm
Objective: Creation of a solar powered FM transmitter and AM receiver with an antennae, with experimentation session.
Cost: $25
Venue: La Centrale - 4296 boul. St-Laurent, Montreal
Information/Registration: 514.871.0268,,

Co-Presented by Festival Partners OBORO, La Centrale, and StudioXX.

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Alejandra Maria Perez Nunez